World Class Remote Astro Imaging Equipment you can use from the comfort of your home at a price you can afford.

With more than 20 years of Astro Imaging and research experience located under the very darkest skies.

Let us help you image the Universe.

More than 20 years of Astro Imaging and research experience Located in the very darkest areas.

Here you can use world class equipment without the headache of operation or the tremendous cost of ownership. Why would you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get data like this when you can rent a system and use it when you want?

  • Andromeda Galaxy

Capture breath taking images of those dim objects using a 0.6 METER telescope. We use FRONT ILLUMINATED CCD camera equipment cooled to -60 Deg C below ambient temperature! We use Adaptive Optics to tease out those last few details. One other bonus part of your subscription will be TAX DEDUCTABLE. Located at one of the darkest sites on planet earth.

Seeing conditions are excellent

The equipment is maintained by a world class support team. Cutting edge technology at your fingertips. You submit your imaging requests and we do all the rest. Get your data of course, but additionally, the data from all the other team members too!! For researchers, gain access to an eshell spectrograph on a half meter telescope.

  • Planetary Systems

  • Nebula Galaxys

  • Star Fields