In order to provide you the best experience possible, we will work with you hand-in-hand to get the best spectroscopic or photometric data possible. We can work with Mag 7.5 stars for the spectrograph; any lower magnitude and the exposure times are simply too long. We have very few cosmic ray hits. We will arrange for a team member to work with you at the time of acquisition. We don’t want you wasting time learning how to operate the system. If you provide us the star either the HD name or the RA and DEC of the stars you wish to observe, we can take care of the rest. If it’s an RA and DEC submission, we need to know the mag of the star of interest.

You’ll use a Planewave half meter telescope with a Planewave IRF 90 focuser.  The Shelyak autoguider port is behind that.  The Actual fiber optic fed  Shelyak eshell spectrometer is inside a temperature controlled environment that leads to exceedingly stable results.  We use an Atik 416ex monochrome camera to capture the spectra.  All data will be provided to you via a Google drive as soon as the session is complete.  For an additional fee we can do an Audela based reduction suitable for screening your results in real time for you.